Now is the time for polluters who contributed to climate change to pay their fair share of the damages.

Pay Up Climate Polluters holds Big Oil and Gas financially responsible for its role in global warming-related damages. Using policy, grassroots advocacy and the law, we hold polluters accountable — to make sure the companies whose products caused the problem pay their fair share to adapt communities to the new normal.

Snapshot of Damages

Houston, TX $120

That's how much Hurricane Harvey cost

Miami Beach, FL $500

That's how much Miami Beach is spending to update its sewage and stormwater systems in the face of rising sea levels

Hoboken, NJ $230

That's how much it will cost to complete Hoboken, New Jersey's floodwall and levee system

Our Campaigns

With lawsuits filed in communities from Oakland, California to New York City and the state of Rhode Island, momentum is building to hold climate polluters accountable.


Big Oil and Gas knew their products could cause climate change, and that its consequences could be disastrous to Americans and our economy. Instead of addressing the problem, many companies deliberately downplayed risks and sowed doubt about scientific truths.