Climate Polluters Should Pay Fair Share of Past and Future Costs

Snapshot of Damages

Florida $102 billion

That’s how much property statewide lies within three feet of high tide

Miami, FL $192 million

That's how much of Miami's recently passed $400-million general obligation bond is dedicated to sea-rise mitigation and flood prevention.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL $6.6 million

That’s how much it will cost to replace water mains only around 17th street to proactively protect from climate impacts

Climate accountability where the stakes are highest

As rising seas encroach on the Sunshine State’s nearly 1,200 miles of ocean coast, no state stands to spend more to protect itself. In Miami and Fort Lauderdale we’re working to support communities and make sure the companies that created the problem pay their fair share.

Leaders have pivotal opportunities to stand with taxpayers

Our efforts with partners strive to inject questions about accounting for climate costs — and who should pay for them — into every climate change adaptation discussion. We highlight the costs residents are already incurring from climate change while we work with elected officials to find ways to hold climate polluters responsible for helping taxpayers.