A new path to climate change solutions

With partners in science, advocacy and law, we're taking climate polluters to task for the damages they've caused.

The principle underpinning our work — that the polluter pays — goes back to Plato. It's an ancient idea that the Center for Climate Integrity works to bring alive today for communities coping with and preparing for climate change. Specifically, we support legal action and policy change based on the principle that climate polluters need to pay their fair share of the massive costs to prepare for climate impacts. We work with partners in communities across the country to protect taxpayers from these costs by providing campaign infrastructure, science, communication, and research. We provide strategic direction for lawyers, green groups, elected officials, concerned citizens and communities working to communicate and organize around the concept of climate accountability. We create content, coordinate across organizations, and test what works best to motivate people to urge their decision makers to hold these companies - instead of taxpayers - accountable for these costs.

A project of the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development, the Center launched in 2017 amid the growing call for climate accountability across the U.S. and around the globe. Our team has decades of experience in climate change advocacy, climate science, communications, social science, the law, government and investigations.